The EUROBIKE AWARD is one of the leading international design awards for companies in the bike industry. New and innovative products are assessed and evaluated by an independent panel of expert judges.

Due to its transparent evaluation process, the award is an important decision-making aid for consumers when making a purchase. In addition, the award provides important independent confirmation of the high level of product innovation, functionality, quality and sustainability. This makes the EUROBIKE AWARD an important marketing tool for both manufacturers and retailers.

2017 sees already the 13th edition of the EUROBIKE AWARD.

Prize winners benefit from comprehensive communication services during and after the EUROBIKE show – measures that will raise the profile of your product in the industry, the media and in retail and consumer circles.

The award winning products are exhibited prominently throughout the show in a special display. Winning products from companies not exhibiting at the EUROBIKE are still included in the display. To highlight their innovate product, all winning exhibitors are given a second exhibition area (with details of their main stand at the trade show).

The award ceremony takes place on the first day of the EUROBIKE show. This is followed by an industry get-together for all prizewinners to celebrate, exchange ideas and network.

Immediately after the winners are announced at the prize-giving ceremony, the online Award Gallery goes live. All winning products and companies will be permanently on display here. The Award Gallery will enable winning products to be found online years after the award.

In addition, award-winning products may be advertised using the EUROBIKE Award 2017 logo.* Messe Friedrichshafen and the EUROBIKE provide the logo as a print template. It’s designed for each award winner to use it to print their own advertising and marketing material for their product, for example posters, flyers, hangtags, display material etc.

* (aside from any objection by Messe Friedrichshafen for good cause)

The EUROBIKE AWARD is open to both exhibitors and non-exhibitors at the EUROBIKE show. All manufacturers and developers of bike-related products are entitled to enter.

Entries should display an exceptional degree of innovation and quality, and reflect trends influencing the market. There is no limit to the number of products each entrant may submit in the different categories. However, a product may only be entered for one category, i.e. not for multiple categories.

Products entered may not have been on sale for longer than two years prior to the date of the official prize-giving ceremony. Entries that do not fulfil this criterion will be excluded from the award, including retrospectively.

The panel of judges requires fully functioning original products. Larger exhibits may be presented as scale models or with high-quality large-format photos with detail shots.

Prototypes must be clearly labelled as such. If it is only possible to use a product in a restricted manner, this must be clearly indicated.

The entrant is responsible for ensuring that their entry does not violate any patent rights or other third-party property rights.

Entry Conditions

Start-ups and student projects from research institutes and universities can apply for a Start-up Award.

Application requirements:

  1. The start-up must not be more than three years old as of the judges’ panel meeting (include a copy of business registration or an equivalent documentation).
  2. Students must provide their enrolment certificate.
  3. The products must not have been exhibited at the EUROBIKE show before.
  4. Applications for a Start-up Award may only be submitted in the start-up category.

All products entered for this category must also meet the requirements of “WHO CAN ENTER?” in order to take part.

The selection process for the start-ups category is identical to the selection process for the other categories: The judges will decide which entries continue on into the final during a preliminary selection round (see EVALUATION PROCESS). The chosen start-ups only submit their products for the final judges' panel meeting after this.

Start-ups can enter products for the reduced exhibitor registration fee of €125 (early registration) or €175.

Next to the regular benefits for award winners (see WHAT BENEFITS DOES AN AWARD OFFER?), Start-up Award winners will receive an additional communication package worth approx. €1.500. This includes a web banner placement on the EUROBIKE website as well as a feature on our social media channels (files and content need to be provided by the Award winner). With these additional benefits, we aim to specifically support young companies and offer them a relevant platform to present their innovations.

Mountain Bikes
Race/Cross-Country, Marathon, Tour, All-Mountain, Endure, Freerider
Cross Bikes
Trekking Bikes, Traveler Bikes, Fitness Bikes, Speed Bikes
Race Bikes
Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, Time Machines, Cyclocross
Urban Bikes
City Bikes, Folding Bikes, Cruiser, Design Bikes, Singlespeed, Fixies, BMX, Cargo Bikes, Family Transportation
Special-Purpose Bikes
Recumbent Bikes, Trishaws, Velomobiles, Tandems, Trikes etc. 
E-Bikes & Pedelecs
Mountain Bikes, Cross Bikes, Racing Bikes, Urban Bikes, Special-Purpose Bikes, Rechargeable Batteries, Pedal Sensors, Brakes etc. 
Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Gloves etc. 
Bike Components
Frames, Handle Bars, Brakes, Gears, Crank Arms, Electrical Components, Pedals, Dynamos, Wheels, Forks, Saddles etc.
Speedometers, Water Bottles, Bells, Pumps, Grips, Bags, Lights, Locks, Mud Guards, Tool Kits, Glasses, Helmets, Tyres etc. 
Concepts & Services
Advertising Campaigns, Concept Ideas, Communication Device, Intercommunication, Software Applications etc.  
Products from start-ups, which are not more than three years old (as of the judges' panel meeting). 

The evaluation process consists of a digital pre-selection round and a judges' panel meeting (final).
During the pre-selection round, twelve international experts assess all the entries using a points system. The best entries continue into the final.

The members of the panel have different areas of expertise. Each product is assessed in the pre-selection round by at least four experts according to the following points system:

0 = Product does not score in any evaluation criterion
1 = Product scores in one evaluation criterion, but not above average
2 = Product scores in more than one evaluation criterion, but not above average
3 = Product demonstrates outstanding characteristics in one evaluation criterion
4 = Product demonstrates outstanding characteristics in more than one evaluation criterion
5 = Product convinces all along the line

X = Abstention due to conflict of interests and/or partiality


Products with an average score of at least 2.5 points go into the final. Finalists send in their products for assessment so that an expert panel of six judges can test and assess each product carefully during the panel meeting.

The judges for the final were involved in the digital pre-selection round, so they already have an overview of the products. The final (panel meeting) comprises two days of decision making. The six judges decide together which products should receive an award.

The EUROBIKE AWARD is based on a high degree of transparency, credibility and impartiality. All entries are evaluated in a serious and objective manner. Evaluating the products is solely the responsibility of the six judges.

There does not have to be an award for every category and there does not have to be a winner for every evaluation criterion. The awards are based on quality, not quantity.

Once the six judges have decided on the EUROBIKE AWARD winners, the GOLD and GREEN Awards are selected from this group. Each member of the panel may select two products for a GOLD Award from the already select group of Award winners. GOLD Award winners are proposed by individual panel members. However, the final decision for a GOLD Award is made by the entire panel of judges. The GREEN Award is awarded for particularly sustainable achievements.

Once the final decisions have been made, the panel agrees on a statement for each product explaining why it was chosen.

Degree of innovation
Is it a completely new product or does it add new qualities to an existing product? Does it have the potential to set new trends?
Does the product fulfil all requirements regarding handling, user-friendliness, safety and stability?
How appealing are the product’s visual appearance, colour and form?
Choice of materials
How does the product feel to the touch? What about the materials used, material costs, haptic qualities and durability?
What is the relationship between form and function? Do all materials demonstrate high-quality workmanship?
Are the materials used, material costs, production techniques and energy use proportionate to the product’s benefits?
Price-performance ratio
What is the relationship between price, product performance and customer requirements?
Weight/ pack size
How small or light is the product? Is this proportionate to the product’s intended application?
Added value
Does the product demonstrate an additional benefit that goes beyond its practical purpose?
July 12th, 2017, 23:59 MEZ
Closing date for registration
All products must be submitted online by the deadline.
July 13th - 19th, 2017
Digital pre-selection
All entered products are evaluated by an international expert panel made up of twelve judges.
July 20th, 2017
Results of the pre-selection round announced
The finalists are announced and requested to send in their products.
July 21st - August 4th, 2017
Finalists send in products
Please send products for the final to our logistics partners Schenker by August 4th, 2017.
August 9th - 10th, 2017
Judges panel meeting
Six expert judges evaluate the final entries, select the most outstanding products and announce the award winners.
August 14th, 2017
Entrants are informed of the judges’ decisions
Please note: News of the award winners must not be publicised before the award ceremony.
August 30th, 2017, 17:30 MEZ
Award ceremony
EUROBIKE, Messe Friedrichshafen
August 30th - September 2nd, 2017
Winning products on display
EUROBIKE, Messe Friedrichshafen

The deadlines are final. No extra time has been planned. There will be no extensions, whatever the reason for late entry might be.

Products submitted late for the digital pre-selection round will not be considered. Products submitted late for the judges' panel meeting will not be considered and therefore have no chance of receiving an award.

Each entry is subject to an entry fee. The entry fees detailed below are net prices. VAT may apply.

The detailed prices are all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees, for example if a product were to win an award. The only extra charges are for transport of finalist products for the judges panel meeting. This is not included in the entry fee and must be arranged additionally by the participant.

Special conditions for early registration up to Thursday, June 14th, 2017:

for exhibitors at EUROBIKE 2017€ 125
for non-exhibitors€ 300

The date of electronic confirmation of a product entry is used to determine special conditions for early submissions. .

For entries received from June 15th - July 12th, 2017, the regular entry fee applies:

for exhibitors at EUROBIKE 2017€ 175
for non-exhibitors€ 400

Confirmation of registration from Messe Friedrichshafen is used to determine who are exhibitors and co-exhibitors at EUROBIKE 2017. If a stand registration is cancelled, the EUROBIKE Award entry fee increases.

For exhibitors, the entry fee is payable upon receipt of the invoice from Messe Friedrichshafen. The entry fee may either be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

Non-exhibitors must pay by credit card upon registration of their product. Once the credit card has been cleared, the product may be submitted for the award.


If an award entry has to be cancelled, this may be submitted in writing by the closing date for registration on July 12th, 2017. There is no charge.
For entries cancelled from July 13th - 19th, 2017 we charge 50% of the entry fee. Later cancellations mean forfeiting the full entry fee. 

Sending in products only applies to entries that have chosen in the pre-selection round to continue as finalists. Please wait for confirmation of pre-selection on the July 20th, 2017 before sending in your product.

Please send your items delivered duty paid (DDP). Costs for transport, insurance and customs duties for import and export must be borne by the participant.

The participant is liable for any damage, loss or additional costs. We recommend every participant to take out transport insurance to cover any possible damage to entries during transport. For goods with a value over € 1,000, we can arrange a Temporary Importation Under Bond (TIB).

The delivery address for finalist products, logistics documents and contact person are only communicated to finalists.

For a finalist product to be submitted, we assume that transport has been organised.
There are three logistic options to choose from:

Option 1 – No return required
The submitted product will become the property of Messe Friedrichshafen after the award competition and will be donated or disposed of appropriately.

Option 2 – Storage and pick up of the product during the EUROBIKE show
Products which do not win an award are stored after the judges' panel meeting for a fee of € 35 per product (not included in the submission fee). This fee must be paid to our logistics partner Schenker by credit card before picking up the product - a credit card authorization form will be made available upon announcement of the panel meeting results. Participants with a billing address in the DACH region will be invoiced directly by Schenker and do not have to fill out the authorization form.
Pick up will be possible throughout the duration of the trade show. Please make sure to bring a document for identification (e.g. business card or ID) when picking up your product.

Individual logistics solutions (e.g. shipping of your product) may be arranged upon request. Please contact us.

Following the judges' panel meeting, all prize-winning products are stored free of charge for the EUROBIKE Award display. They will be available for collection once the trade show has finished – on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, from 17:00 at the award display in Foyer West.

The official EUROBIKE Award prize-giving ceremony will be held at 17:30 on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017, during the EUROBIKE show in Friedrichshafen.

It's followed by an industry get-together for all EUROBIKE prize winners to celebrate, exchange ideas and network.

All prize-winning products will be on display during complete duration of the trade show. The special display is open to industry visitors from around the world as well as national and international press and media representatives.

Naturally, the judges base their decisions on the quality of a product. However, it makes sense to present your product in the best possible light by getting your entry right.

  • Product name
  • Which category is the product entered in?
  • Who is the manufacturer? Which country do they come from?
  • Manufacturer’s website


The product description must be in English - a German version is optional.

  • Descriptive product title with max. 70 characters
  • Product description with max. 700 characters
  • The quicker the panel understands the unique features of your product, the greater its chance of winning. Focus on the unique features of your product. Describe your product's USPs in short. Bullet points are OK. Avoid using marketing phrases.
  • Recommended Retail Price
  • Weight/ Pack size
    Information regarding price, weight and pack size are intended to help the panel make their decision. Should your product win an award this information will not be publicized.


Here you can upload two photos of your product and add a video link (optional).

  • Please consider, that the judges need to evaluate over 450 product submissions in the digital pre-selection round, so images and a video can be essential to help the judges quickly get a clear image of your product and its main features.
  • The photos may be uploaded as JPG, PNG or TIF files. We recommend using a full HD resolution. Your file should have at least 800 x 600 or 600 x 800 pixels.
  • The video can be a vital tool to give more insight into product details and outline unique features that require in-depth explanation. Keep it at a maximum length of three minutes and provide all information in English.

  • This section gives you an additional opportunity to briefly explain your product’s outstanding features with regards to the evaluation criteria. Please fill out at least three criteria.

  • Please provide the invoice address and VAT identification number for companies domiciled in the European Union.
  • Are you an exhibitor at the EUROBIKE?


Please select an option for what should happen to your product if it is selected as a finalist.

  • No return required: You do not want your product returned after the judges panel meeting
  • Storage and pick up of the products during the trade show – For a fee of €35,- per product, your entered product will be stored and set up for pick up from our logistics partner Schenker throughout the duration of the trade show. Please make sure to bring a document for identification (e.g. business card or ID) when picking up your product.
  • Individual logistics solutions (e.g. shipping of your product) may be arranged upon request. Please contact us.


Review the information you have entered about your product. You may, then

  • submit your entry or
  • save as draft.


Non-Exhibitors need to enter their credit card details or a PayPal account to finally submit a product.    


Once you have entered your product, you will receive confirmation at the email address you provided. This confirmation will also provide details of your Entry ID (a sequential number) which is automatically allocated to every entry.

This number is important. It allows both us and our logistics partner, Schenker, to identify your product.Please use the number on all packages sent in. Please quote your Entry ID in all correspondence whether by email or by telephone.

Example: Entry ID: EB17-001-0213
EB17 = EUROBIKE Award 2017
001 =Category 1
0213 =Sequential number of all entries

Kontakt AWARD

Benjamin Brill Projektreferent, Award
+49 7541 708-382
+49 7541 708-2382