An international panel of bicycle experts with backgrounds in media, design, retail, industry and sports will assess all submissions for the EUROBIKE AWARD. During a two-stage evaluation process consisting of a digital pre-selection (June 5th - 10th) and a panel meeting (June 26th - 27th), the judgeswill select the most outstanding innovations, which they will honour with a EUROBIKE AWARD, GOLD Award, GREEN Award and Start-up Award.


Judges for digital pre-selection & finalist panel meeting

Sissi Pärsch

Journalist, Germany
Sissi Pärsch is a freelance author focusing on sports, culture and travels. She is a contributing editor for BIKE, EMTB and Bergwelten as well as platforms such as and She has also worked as a documentary scriptwriter for Servus TV, as a travel consultant and has initiated the eMTB-Tourismus Studientage. With a PhD in English Studies she taught at the University of Augsburg before moving into the sports industry as a PR consultant.

Dirk Zedler

Certified Engineer and publicly appointed and inaugurated expert for bicycles and e-bikes, Germany
Having started working as temporary staff in a bike shop more than 30 years ago, Dirk Zedler, today, is the CEO of the company “Gesellschaft der Fahrrad-Sachverständigen mbH” and the Zedler Institute for Bicycle Technology and Safety. The company group’s services range from official assessments, journalism and technical documentation to the production of technical testing systems and labs. This extensive portfolio has earned them an excellent reputation and a strongly growing number of customers in the international cycling industry. Publications by the still active cyclist in leading industry magazines and the development of innovative testing systems for performance and safety have improved cycling and e-bike technology verifiably.

Wolfgang Hohmann

Bicycle retailer - Wolfi's Bike Shop, Germany/ Dubai
Wolfgang Hohmann has been in bicycle retail for the past 30 years. He founded his first shop “Wolfi’s Bike Shop” in Heitersheim, Germany, in 1988. 16 years ago he decided to leave his home country and start from scratch in Dubai. His mission: to bring bicycle culture to the Middle East and to share his passion for bikes with the locals. Wolfi’s Bike Shop Dubai was born. Having started in Dubai at first, the German, nowadays, sells bikes of all categories to the neighboring countries of the United Arab Emirates, as well. Among his customers are also high-ranked representatives of the Arab kingdom. Meanwhile, cycling culture has arrived in Dubai and the UAE – with traffic-free training courses purposefully built for cyclists and a number of cycling events throughout the year a true cycling community has been established. Having followed his vision, Wolfgang together with his team has had a major impact on this progression.

Cat Heraty

Independent design professional, Cat Heraty designs, United Kingdom
Cat Heraty has 13 years experience as an apparel design consultant for many British active brands. Having worked across most categories, including outdoor and cycling kit, she has consulted on many start-ups and has an eye for product innovation, colour and ranging. Her specialism is in realising coherent messages from concept through to end product to ensure collections work together. Cat is a cyclist and has competed in numerous endurance events, including ironman distance.

Marta Villa

Sports journalist, Italy
Marta Villa has been a sports journalist since 2001, collaborating with the most important Italian cycling and outdoor magazines. After earning a degree in Philosophy with a Social Communication specialization, the Italian started working for B2C and B2B cycling magazines and is currently involved in the Bicitech Magazine website. Further cooperations include the Italian Runner’s World Magazine, which Marta has been involved in since the first issue, and press agency work for professional MTB teams like Colnago. Over the years, she also gained experience with the communication departments of brands like Specialized, Liv and rh+. As the founder of – the first and only Italian website fully dedicated to the female sports world (culture, products, trends, people, tips and more) – Marta is mainly focusing on woman-specific products.

Tarek Rasouli

Managing Director rasoulution GmbH, Germany
Tarek is a former professional BMX- and mountain bike rider, important influencer in the international bike scene and Managing Director of the sports marketing and communication agency rasoulution in Munich. During his career as professional BMX and MTB rider, he was able to celebrate numerous successes, such as German National BMX Champion and a 4th place at the World Championships. In addition to competing in various events, he started working as test rider, bike model, rode in a number of MTB shows for different manufacturers and was featured in several film productions. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, after a crash 2002, he stayed active in the bike scene and started to write for “bike Magazin” as well as “Freeride Magazin”. In 2005 he founded the sports marketing and communication agency rasoulution, including world class athletes as clients like Danny McAskill. Tarek also founded the Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) and is an ambassador of the Wings for Life Foundation.
Judges for digital pre-selection only

Anna Luten

Freelance Consultant / Global Development Associate Bicycle Mayor Program, New York City, The Netherlands
Anna Luten was appointed Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam in June 2016 and has since been working to improve safety and increase adoption of bicycling. As a true Dutch girl, Anna grew up riding a bike, but she was drawn to the Bicycle Mayor program through her passion for truly human-centric cities. With positions at Nike and later Giant Bicycles, Anna combined an active lifestyle with a career in marketing. Anna moved to New York City in 2017 to establish a Bicycle Mayor there. The Bicycle Mayor Program is an initiative of BYCS, which wants to inspire the next billion people to start cycling.

Ernst Brust

CEO, Germany
After many years of working for FAG and as technical director for a bicycle manufacturer in Schweinfurt, Ernst Brust decided to found in 1991. With his company, the German has created a service center for product safety, development and the execution of new testing methods for the safety inspection of muscle-powered equipment. Since 1992, he has also worked as official technical expert authorized by the state to evaluate bicycle damages and certifications – currently the only one in Germany evaluating e-bikes.

Fran García

Director, Spain
Fran García is an experienced sports journalist, who has been working in the cycling sector for more than a decade. During this time, he has managed important print- and online-specialized media in Spain – from his beginnings at Ciclismo en Ruta to today's work with Additionally, Fran gathered experience as press officer working at various international sports events (motorcycling, sailing, handball, skiing, athletics among others) and in the communication department of renowned companies such as Nike.

Julia Milan

Independent journalist, copywriter, copy editor of the road bike magazine TOUR, Germany
In her 20+ years as independent journalist and copywriter in corporate publishing Julia Milan has among other things developed an expertise in the fields of travel, outdoor sports and cycling. She has done editorial work for the German magazines TOUR and E-BIKE by the Delius Klasing publishing house for the past 15 years. Additionally, the certified MTB trail scout has worked in communication for cycling-focused hotels and travel agencies as well as cycling events. Current projects for the German are first and foremost the editorial cooperation in the road bike magazine TOUR and classic agency work in marketing, advertising and PR for the first class shopping location “CityQuartier FÜNF HÖFE” in the heart of Munich.

Tomas Fiegl

Certified designer / co-founder and CEO Artefakt, Germany
During his 25 years of work experience in product design, Tomas Fiegl managed, among others, the department “cyclingdesign”, which was newly introduced to his design agency Artefakt in 2006. Deriving from great passion a significantly growing business model was formed. During this time, numerous award-decorated products for renowned brands were developed. Next to the performance-focused brand CANYON, KLEVER mobility and SCOTT are part of the client portfolio in the field of e-mobility. Current developments of e-bike components will complete the future product portfolio.

Jessica Strange

Deputy Editor of Total Women’s Cycling, UK
Over the past few years, Jessica Strange has established her cycling journalism career through the growth of her personal blog, Velo Me, and her involvement as the Deputy Editor of Total Women’s Cycling. Her expertise in the industry lies within the rapidly growing development of women’s riding where she takes a great interest in the evolution of performance related technology, and her desire to encourage the growth of women’s participation overall. A keen mountain biker at heart, Jessica has enjoyed throwing herself at many exciting challenges within the various disciplines of cycling, from track to cyclocross and even snow-biking.

Ulrike Saade

Founder and CEO of Velokonzept Saade GmbH, Germany
Ulrike Saade’s every day mission is to promote a new urban mobility and a bigger role of the bicycle in the society. She has been active in the bicycle business since the 80s. Initiating a large variety of bicycle related projects such as founding an innovative bicycle shop or the Association of Independent Cycle Dealers (VSF) and establishing networking opportunities and Thinktanks such as the “BikeBrainpool”. Her company Velokonzept initiates and organizes big bicycle shows (e.a. VELOBerlin), conventions (EUROBIKE Travel Talk) and implements public campaigns - being a partner for the bicycle industry and retailers, politics and administration, lobby organizations, tourism, trade fairs and the cyclists. She is a member of the advisory board to the “bike academy” of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and the “cycling strategy” of Berlin and last but not least even a trained bicycle mechanic.

Ursula Kloé

UX Expert / Managing Partner JU-KNOW GmbH and Co-Founder New Mobility Experts, Germany
Her expertise is the human-technology interface and the related interaction processes. She's relying on more than 25 years of experience with target groups, customer segmentation, lifestyle-typologies and trends. In JU-KNOW she supports innovation development, always aiming for both the best user solution and a high fit with the company's strategic goals. Her passion for mobility is incorporated into the interdisciplinary team of New Mobility Experts. Using a holistic approach and with a strong focus on User Experience this team leads to success new vehicle-concept ideas, innovative propulsion technologies or innovative services. In addition Ursula is a lecturer at SRH University Heidelberg.

Ernst Brust

CEO, Germany
After many years of working for FAG and as technical director for a bicycle manufacturer in Schweinfurt, Ernst Brust decided to found in 1991. With his company, the German has created a service center for product safety, development and the execution of new testing methods for the safety inspection of muscle-powered equipment. Since 1992, he has also worked as official technical expert authorized by the state to evaluate bicycle damages and certifications – currently the only one in Germany evaluating e-bikes.

Egbert Hünewaldt

Managing Director Green Business Development GmbH, Germany
Egbert runs the business development and sustainable ventures consultancy Green Business Development in Berlin, which he founded in 2004. He specialized in designing projects at the interface between digital and green economy and in developing and implementing market entry strategies for foreign companies. Egbert has not only gained experience in funding sustainable companies but also possesses an excellent network in the green economy, especially in the new mobility and sustainable finance sector and in the start-up industry. Egbert was co-founder and business angel of the ridesharing start-up CityPendler. Egbert's start-up initiative was awarded by the German council for sustainable development. Egbert graduated in media and communication at the LMU Munich as well as in international journalism at the Institut Francais de Presse (IFP) at Univ. Paris II. Egbert participated in the ESSEC & MANNHEIM executive MBA program. During his time as managing director of Germany’s most renowned eco-watchdog magazine Öko-Test, Egbert evolved into an enthusiast for organic lifestyle and sustainable business.

Dirk Sandrock

Productmanager /Founder and CEO of Momes GmbH Germany
For more than 25 years, Dirk has worked as a successful marketing oriented product manager in developing and marketing products for apparel, hardware and software in the field of Sport, Biking and Motor biking for the Asian, European and the North American markets. He was a competitive biker, triathlete and later on also a coach in these fields. As a founding partner of MOMES GmbH Deutschland he is responsible for the product management to develop solutions for synchronizing portable micro electronics in the growing digital world. Next to several patented solutions he is focusing now on augmented reallity for biker.


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