An international panel of bicycle experts with backgrounds in media, design, retail, industry and sports will assess all submissions for the EUROBIKE AWARD. During a two-stage evaluation process consisting of a digital pre-selection and a panel meeting, the jury will select the most outstanding innovations, which they will honour with a EUROBIKE AWARD, GOLD Award, GREEN Award and Start-up Award.




Judges for digital pre-selection & finalist panel meeting

Anna Luten

New York City's Bicycle Mayor, The Netherlands
Anna Luten was appointed Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam in June 2016 and has since been working to improve safety and increase adoption of bicycling. As a true Dutch girl, Anna grew up riding a bike, but she was drawn to the Bicycle Mayor program through her passion for truly human-centric cities. With positions at Nike and later Giant Bicycles, Anna combined an active lifestyle with a career in marketing. Anna moved to New York City in 2017 to establish a Bicycle Mayor there. The Bicycle Mayor Program is an initiative of CycleSpace, which wants to inspire the next billion people to start cycling.

Ernst Brust

CEO, Germany
After many years of working for FAG and as technical director for a bicycle manufacturer in Schweinfurt, Ernst Brust decided to found in 1991. With his company, the German has created a service center for product safety, development and the execution of new testing methods for the safety inspection of muscle-powered equipment. Since 1992, he has also worked as official technical expert authorized by the state to evaluate bicycle damages and certifications – currently the only one in Germany evaluating e-bikes.

Fran García

Director, Spain
Fran García is an experienced sports journalist, who has been working in the cycling sector for more than a decade. During this time, he has managed important print- and online-specialized media in Spain – from his beginnings at Ciclismo en Ruta to today's work with Additionally, Fran gathered experience as press officer working at various international sports events (motorcycling, sailing, handball, skiing, athletics among others) and in the communication department of renowned companies such as Nike.

Julia Milan

Independent journalist, copywriter, project coordinator E-Bike magazine, Germany
In her 20+ years as independent journalist and copywriter in corporate publishing Julia Milan has developed an expertise in the fields of travel, outdoor sports and cycling. She has done editorial work for the German magazines TOUR and E-BIKE by the Delius Klasing publishing house for the past 15 years. Additionally, the certified MTB trail scout has worked in communication for cycling-focused hotels and travel agencies as well as cycling events. Being a passionate yogini, Julia manages to find the right balance to her busy work life. Current projects for the German are first and foremost the project coordination of the magazine E-BIKE and classic agency work in marketing, advertising and PR for the first class shopping location “CityQuartier FÜNF HÖFE” in the heart of Munich.

Joel Natale

Commercial Director Bikes and Own Brands, Evans Cycles, UK
Joel Natale has worked in cycling for over 15 years. Starting on shop floors and now managing all bicycle purchasing for Evans Cycles’ 60+ stores and web site alongside. He is also responsible for own Brand product developments across five brands. Joel has done most things on a bike, from racing road, time-trial, mountain cross country and downhill, triathlons and bike-packing trips. Combined with living in London and not having a car, this also makes for many short journeys by bike.

Tomas Fiegl

Certified designer / co-founder and CEO Artefakt, Germany
During his 25 years of work experience in product design, Tomas Fiegl managed, among others, the department “cyclingdesign”, which was newly introduced to his design agency Artefakt in 2006. Deriving from great passion a significantly growing business model was formed. During this time, numerous award-decorated products for renowned brands were developed. Next to the performance-focused brand CANYON, KLEVER mobility and SCOTT are part of the client portfolio in the field of e-mobility. Current developments of e-bike components will complete the future product portfolio.



Judges for digital pre-selection only

Kevin Quan

Designer & Ingenieur Kevin Quan Studios, Canada
Kevin Quan is the founder and president of Toronto-based KQS Inc. – one of the world's top independent bicycle design and engineering consultancies. The company’s portfolio includes the Cervelo P3C, Knight Composites Aero Wheels, Diamondback Serios, 3T Ventus, Storck Timefighter, Parlee Z5, Cube Aerium and Neil Pryde Bayamo. The graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto has specialized in designing high-performance bicycles using Computer Aided Design. His designs helped athletes win the Tour de France, Olympic medals in Road, Time Trial and Triathlon as well as at the Ironman World Championships. Kevin has always been impressed by the pace of innovation in the bicycle industry and keeps a close eye on the latest trends.

Lotte Kraus

Biomechanical Expert BIKE BIOMECHANICS, Germany
Lotte Kraus is a biomechanical expert with a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy of Danube University Krems and focuses her practical and theoretical work on the latest topics of the cycling sports’ world. Next to her work in the bike fitting laboratory with both amateur and professional athletes from World Tour Teams, she is also responsible for educating bike fitters of the International School of Cycling Optimization (ISCO). Her studies are concentrated on the research of women-specific components and patterns of movements, which she has great passion for. The optimization of services in the bike market is another major focus of her research studies.

Marcus Schröder

Managing Director EFBE Prueftechnik GmbH, Germany
Following an apprenticeship as toolmaker, Marcus Schroeder graduated in mechanical engineering in 1996. After several years of technical and management roles with specialized technology-driven companies, he was lucky enough to be able to turn his passion for bicycles into a profession: He joined EFBE Prueftechnik GmbH, a leading test lab with facilities in Germany and Taiwan and test machinery provider to the bicycle and e-bike industry world-wide.

Marcella Crisanti

Editor-in-chief &, Italy
After graduating with a degree in Journalism, Marcella Crisanti got enrolled in the Italian Order of Journalists (Ordine dei Giornalisti). In 2006, she started her own web magazine, initially in Italian, which was followed by an English language version in 2008. During her career the Italian has become an expert in marketing and communication, having interviewed many major entrepreneurs and athletes of the cycling world and tested countless products from apparel to bicycles and components over the past 10 years. The success of her projects has convinced her to expand her experience also beyond the world of cycling. Her latest project evolves around motorcycling.

Rik de Bruin

Store owner Gek van Fietsen – Cycling store, The Netherlands
Rik de Bruin is a young Dutch retailer in the bicycle industry. His shop “Gek van Fietsen”, which roughly translates to “Crazy about Bikes”, is located in Alphen aan den Rijn (between Rotterdam and Amsterdam) and has been family-run for over 60 years. In the past, the store was awarded bike shop of the year in the Netherlands. Despite his young age, Rik has almost 15 years of experience in the bicycle industry and is familiar with all the latest trends and developments of the business. “I’ve grown up around bikes, because our family lived above the shop. The passion for bikes is part of my life and my daily ride to work, I love the most.” Besides cycling, Rik has a huge passion for tennis and football and loves to travel with his wife.

Thomas Hellriegel

Triahtlete and licensed coach, Germany
With 16 starts and eight Top 10 finishes at the infamous Ironman Hawaii race, Thomas Hellriegel is among the most successful German triathletes on the long distance. In 1997, the passionate hobby biologist became the first German to ever win the prestigious race on Kona. In addition, he won five other Ironman races (IM New Zealand among others) and finished Top 10 on long- and mid-distances races numerous times. His exceptional ability to dominate the cycling course quickly earned him the nickname “Hell on Wheels”. Nowadays, the native of Baden holds a B-level coaching license in triathlon, passing on his over 20 years of experience as a professional athlete. His focus in working as a trainer lies in swimming and cycling.

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